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Our products are created with the highest quality and responsibly sourced all-natural ingredients. We believe in the value and efficiency of natural ingredients in caring for our bodies. We feel extremely fortunate that our commitment to a better world and beautiful skin is achievable without the use of chemicals.

We are obsessed over roses and cactus, and thus we have created a unique line that is delicate and beautiful as the rose, and powerful as the cactus. Through our small batches we combine  all of our natural and organic effective ingredients with meticulous care to ensure that you enjoy a luxurious and fun life with products that will  make your skin look truly beautiful.
We innovate high performance formulas based on strictly selected sophisticated-natural and effective active ingredients such as, herbs, clay, and vegan oils intentionally scented with the top notch essential oils. Our unique formulas are very powerful and effective, guaranteeing a profound hydration, rich nutrition and rejuvenation, revealing that glowing healthy-looking skin in your entire body.

In addition to creating products that achieve rapid and visible results, we believe that maintaining  healthy skin is important for a healthy body. Cuerpa is not just another natural skincare company. Our belief and production has a more complex and sophisticated process in contrary to many natural cosmetic companies. At cuerpa we are proud to say that our products are completely free from synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalate, fillers, chemicals, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum and sodium laurel sulfate.

Our brand name, Cuerpa, which stems from the Spanish word cuerpo, meaning body. However,  in cultural idiom, in some countries the word “Cuerpa ”  is used referring to a beautiful woman , voluptuous and / or sensual body.

We believe that natural is the ultimate sophistication, therefore, We always strived to make the most of women's beauty and this is why we want to empower them with such a feminist brand name Cuerpa as we also fight against feminicide and machismo. We also believe beauty is a channel to power and seduction, reflecting intelligence and education.


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