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Come winter and your skin faces an avalanche of issues- harsh wind, dryness, and freezing temperatures that leave your skin bruised and battered. And like every year, you would reach out to the same old bottle of moisturizer with little effect. Worry not, we are here to help your skin this cruel winter. 

Let’s talk about an unlikely candidate that has burst into the skincare horizon. You may see it silently standing in a corner of your living room, but did you know that the cactus (Prickly Pear) has hydration properties that your skin is begging you to use? Cactus plant has trail-blazed the skincare industry and how!

Read on to know why cactus is the ultimate skin-care hydrating ingredient.

How Does A Cactus Plant Work?

In order to understand how a cactus plant benefits your skin, it’s important to understand how it functions.

Cactus is known for its powers of resilience in adapting to desert-like conditions. These prickly beauties are bursting with water-storing tissues. Cactus plants have developed hydration reserves within their fabric. They have an excruciatingly thick skin and an almost impervious membrane. This helps them to retain the moisture, in form of a jelly-like substance, that it pulls from the various sources to nourish itself. 

What are the Skincare Benefits of a Cactus Plant?

Cactus is a plant that is overflowing with benefits for your skin. No wonder it has become the new favorite child of the skincare industry, particularly for its ultra-hydrating attributes which help you in looking young and supple. 

Brilliant moisturizing agent: Your skin works very hard to maintain its natural moisture level. However, it is often lost due to a combination of factors including environmental stresses, lifestyle choices, and aging. Here too, the hyper - hydrating properties of cactus step in to be your savior. The application of a skincare product with cactus as their ingredient creates a barrier on your skin and helps lock the natural moisture. With the optimum level of hydration achieved, your skin glows with the radiance of youth. No matter what your skin type is, cactus is suitable for all skin types. Cactus is enriched with Vitamin E which is well-known for its excellent hydrating and calming properties. This can be extremely helpful for people with sensitive skin.  

Makes your skin pimple free: If your skin is plagued with pimples, cactus is just the right ingredient. The cactus plant acts in two ways when applied on your skin. First, it hydrates your skin and helps in pimple control. Second, its antibacterial properties heal the skin and help cleanse it of of pimples.

De-tans your skin while hydrating: Being out in the sun causes your skin to tan, hiding your natural complexion. Applying cactus gel will not only provide the much-needed hydration to your skin that the sun sucks away but simultaneously will de-tan as well.  

Cactus is not merely a plant belonging to the desert,it is your new secret ingredient for silky soft skin. This winter, let your skin experience the gentler and kinder side of the plant is popular for its thorns.

If you’re looking for the perfect natural skincare product containing the superhero ingredient, we’d definitely recommend giving the Floraison au Sahara Hydra-Plumping Face Mist and Soleil Du Desert Anti-Aging Facial Oil a closer look.

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