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CUERPA: A Continuous Commitment to Sustainability

Elegance, Beauty, Sophistication, and Sustenance. The culmination of these values, form the essence of Cuerpa products.

Cuerpa, a traditional, colloquial extraction from the Spanish-speaking world, expresses the natural beauty, elegance, and pride of Women – this emphasis on natural beauty is where we draw our inspiration to produce the highest quality, sustainable products.

Each stage of our manufacturing process is framed by our commitment to strive for a fairer world, from an ethical, environmental, and social perspective.

Firstly, wherever possible, we source our raw, natural ingredients from partners that sustainably hand-harvest the plants and minerals that we use to delicately develop our nourishing and restorative products. We ensure that the highest quality ingredients are selected from the earliest possible stage.

We carefully and responsibly select our partners from across the globe, to source ingredients from the places they naturally appear; we prioritise partners that farm organically, in both developing and developed countries.

It is our belief that healthy skin is important for a healthy body, and that our natural active ingredients, such as herbs, clay, and vegan-oils enhance the skin’s vitality.

However, we also appreciate the social, economic, and cultural pressures our partners may face when cultivating these organic, non-GMO ingredients. To strengthen our partners in this regard, we have developed a stringent and robust system of support designed to alleviate the pressures and reward our partners for their commitments to ethically and sustainably source materials.

This means no to eutrophication. No to ecosystem damage and loss. No to excessive irrigation. No to animal cruelty.

We are therefore also proud to share that all Cuerpa products are Animal-Cruelty-Free. As a PETA certified organisation, we can confidently say that at no stage, and under no circumstance do we ever test our products on animals. Instead, we choose to use alternative, humane testing methods to guarantee the quality.

Each Cuerpa product from our Body, Face & Lip ranges is meticulously and lovingly handcrafted and tested under the skilful care of our expert skincare technicians. They assiduously ensure that our unique formulas safely and luxuriously compliment the modern woman.

When you receive our products, either for yourself or as a gift, you may notice the simple, yet elegant design of our packaging. As an advocate for the beauty of the natural world, we recognise our duty to reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, wherever possible, we seek to use sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials for our packaging. As well as encouraging our suppliers to eliminate all unnecessary waste, our packaging is made from FSC-certified paper, which has been sourced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. Therefore, we promote the safe recycling of all Cuerpa packaging, after use.

Our Sustainability journey at Cuerpa is a continuous one, accentuated by our dedication to improvement. Our belief is that every Cuerpa cosmetic bought toda is an act of support for a fairer and brighter tomorrow.

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