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Five Beautiful Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day 2021

Mother's Day is one of the most important days of the year as we celebrate our precious mothers.

Thinking of how to appreciate someone you love and respect can be difficult as you want to give a better gift than the last year. Mother's Day gifts/celebrations have to be thoughtful and personalized, so the day stands out and is remarkable.

Some of the ways to show your mother love on that D- Day include;

Breakfast in Bed

You can't go wrong with breakfast in bed as a sweet gesture. If you have ever woken up to breakfast in bed, you know it is a memorable experience.

On Mother's Day, you can start her day with breakfast in bed to see a smile on her face with her breakfast in her lap. You can take a picture to relive memories.

Whether she likes pancakes, eggs, or bacon, make sure it is her favorite meal, and add a glass of fresh juice too. A note telling her how important she is will be an extra personalized touch!

Give Her Flowers

Flowers are inexpensive gifts that send a thousand messages. When you give someone a fresh bouquet, you brighten up their entire day, especially when they look/smell the flowers.

When you send her flowers on Mother's Day, you are telling her how much you love, adore, and want to be in her life. Take it a step further by making it her favorite bouquet.

Be it lilies, roses, Carnations, or hibiscuses, she will know that you care, pay attention to the things she likes, and that you think of her whenever you see those flowers. Sweet right?

Throw a Surprise Party

Who doesn't love a party? Not a mom that needs some time off to relax and have fun! You can throw a surprise party for her on that day, including her favorite foods and drinks.

Get help from your dad and immediate family to plan this surprise party as she won't expect it. You know her better, which means the party should be customized to her taste. This kind gesture of love will forever be in her heart as a unique and memorable day.

Spend a Day Together

Everyone has a bucket list of places and things they want to; you can help make Mother's Day special by ticking one or two items off her list.

If she wants to stay indoors and today something cozy, make yourself available at her request. Whether it is mountaineering, a picnic, or trying new cuisine, your goal is to make sure she has fun. Remember that the day is all about her.

Surprise Her with a Lovely Gift

We all get glassy-eyed when presented with a wrapped box which is why the power of gifts cannot be underestimated. If you know what she likes, getting her a gift will be easy but if you want to make a difference, give her something you know she will love and cherish.

At Cuerpa, we have different products you can shop for, which we know she will value. Whether you go with facial oils or body oils, she will love the thoughtfulness of the products we have to offer.

Pamper Her

A day of pure relaxation and enjoyment is needed occasionally for everyone. Treating her to a spa session, manicure, or pedicure is a way to show that you want her to relax and be taken care of. Not only is this pampered me-time good for her mental and emotional health, but it will also make her come out looking young and refreshed.


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