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Living a fulfilled life requires one to be in alignment and attached to one's inner being. When you align with your inner being, you are grounded in yourself; you know that you are enough; you are complete and whole. Alignment makes you live a rich and full life independent of whether you have support from other people or not. Support from other people only acts as a supplement to the wellness and goodness that abound within you. In the journey of empowering your inner woman, you will go through self-transformation, have a positive body image and appreciate your beauty.


Self-transformation refers to changing oneself into a better version of yourself. We are constantly changing as things in our lives change and as we grow. Living a happy and fulfilled life is your responsibility. Self-transformation helps you release the energies that no longer serve you. As you grow, you will find that there are people you fall out with, and which is okay. Allow yourself to grow and change in each stage of your life.

Women's Relationship with their body.

Society has always had the ideal body image that is seen to be suitable for women. The body images vary from one location to another. An example is in Asian countries, the standard body size is lean women, which is in contrast to African countries where curvy women are the norm. An Hour Glass shape is also the preferred body type for women in many regions. The standards of beauty set give women pressure to look a particular type of way, which is not ideally possible. At different stages of life, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and old age, our bodies will change.

Practicing self-love is crucial, and the desire to change how your body looks through processes such plastic sulrgery should come from within and not be imposed by societal pressure. Living healthy should be one's priority. The next step is to love your body shape; we all cannot be of the same body type; wear clothes that suit you to boost your confidence and love your skin color.

Woman Beauty

As the famous saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am a firm believer that everyone is beautiful. However, it is entirely normal not to feel beautiful sometimes; everyone has those days. Not feeling beautiful is not a good thing as it results in shame which is a very low vibration emotion. Good news for you, you can always do something to elevate your moods and feel beautiful even on days that you feel very low self-esteem.

Here are tips to make you feel beautiful anyday:

1. Have clothes that flutter your body, that are in the right size, match your skin tone,

wear a color you've never worn before and are suitable for your body tone will always make you feel beautiful.

2. Words of affirmation; constantly tell yourself words of affirmation even when they feel false, till you believe it.

3.You might consider giving yourself a spa day, try a new beauty brand, take a long bath infused with moisturizing oil and sleep; this will help you relieve stress which might be the cause of you feeling low.

4. Cut off toxic people who project hate to you, be very intentional, to loving yourself fully.

This will help you see yourself in a new and positive light and highlight your inner sexiness. Good luck as you live your best life!


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