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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Holla! Cuerpa fans, home and abroad. It's awesome having the best natural skincare brand handle the manufacture and sale of your skincare products. 

While we've served you with facial oils, moisturizers, toners, body oils, body polish, and scrubs, we thought it even more intriguing and fulfilling to gear up our services and commitment to you, by bringing it all the way down to your lips!

Yes! You read right, lovers. Your lips are soon shimmering, the Cuerpa way.

We know just how important the lips can be. They are one of those mini body parts, yet they so much accentuate the human face's radiance. No one would miss out on a full, soft, shimmery lips slightly parting or opening up to reveal nature's ever shiny thirty-two! Such coquetry is irresistible.

It is therefore essential you pay attention to the care of your lips. If you're in on this, you should be on the lookout for our new lip package. 

So, lovelies, introducing to you, Cuerpa's new lip products

Drum rolls!

Cuerpa's lip balm and lip tint. Whoosh!

Sa Muse Hydra-Plumping Lip Balm

This moisturizing lip balm is infused with Sodium Hyaluronate- the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid- which aids a plump looking yet gorgeous lips. The moisturizing benefit of this acid, when applied topically, is exceptional. Sodium Hyaluronate is not only hydrating; it is also non-irritating, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Anyone can tell the difference with hyaluronic acid. Its contact with the lips results in fuller, plumper, more hydrated lips. Our lip balm at Cuerpa not only contains hyaluronic acid, it is also infused with olive squalane oil. Never heard?

Well, we serve only the best at Cuerpa hence the presence of the natural beauty oil that is, olive squalane in our lip products. Squalane oil works almost magically. It is a seal of moisture and balance, works excellently as an antibacterial and is thus, essential for the lips.

The fine blend of coconut oil, olive fruit oil, cocoa seed butter, sunflower seed oil, and a few, contained in this lip balm, leaves the lips feeling incredibly soft. These natural ingredients all combine to give the lips just the needed nourishment to help conceal cracks, chaps, lines and provides protection against harsh weather and other environmental stressors.

Then the scent of this balm. Gosh! If it's not Vanilla, it's nothing. The vanilla fruit oil content of this lippie makes it all the more appealing. You know how you've always longed to have that shimmery gloss that leaves a glimpse of your aura on a teacup or each time you seal a date with a kiss? Here it is.

With Vanilla and the little bit of Jasmine oil sealed in this tube, it's all feelings of delight and ecstasy, all day long! Great make for an everyday lip balm, isn't it? Definitely!

Hydra-Plumping Lip Tint

Quite uncommon, but definitely essential. Made of Candelilla wax, Mango seed butter, Coconut oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) oil, amongst others, our lip tint is sheer, creamy, and super nourishing! 

You'll be right to term it similar to the lip balm as they both contain the same blend of ingredients (hyaluronic acid, amongst others) except that the lip tint has a base of pigmentation due to its titanium dioxide content.

No smudge, no smear, hence perfect for everyday use and particularly for lazy makeup users. Lol. The scent? Just as beautiful. This is because, like the lip balm, it has a fine composition of Vanilla fruit oil and Jasmine oil. Term it the perfect lip product to spice up that next outing, because it gives the lips a sweet floral fragrance.

On those days when you say to yourself, "I need to stand out," this lip tint is yours to explore. You know that kind of color you get after munching on a cherry/orange flavored Popsicle? Right here! The shades of this lip tint spices up even the dullest makeup look and gives that bright mood to keep you radiant, the whole day. Shades? Of course! We're launching this tint in four different shades. Yas!

Let's not forget to mention the castor oil content of this lippie. Goodness! It makes it safe for every kind of weather condition. With the mix of coconut oil, fruit oil, and vitamin E oil, you can be sure of a healthy, supple, colorful lip, one that stays protected from environmental damage, and lasts as long as you can imagine. Maybe, even, as long as forever! (Giggles).

Besides, the thing about these products is that any and every one can use them. All thanks to their Sodium Hyaluronate content. You have no worries because, as always, these products are comprised of all-natural ingredients. We sure meant it when we tagged the brand as a natural skincare brand. 

Interestingly, all those problems of itchiness and tingling sensations you experience from other lip products, not with Cuerpa's lip products. 

With us, it's all about comfort, style, and glow. Plus, it's way affordable. Of course, great value doesn't always require that you break the bank.

Perhaps you're hearing about us for the first time; we're a worldwide natural skincare brand committed to beauty (for all skin types) and wholesome customer satisfaction. Our products and services will sway you. best natural skincare cosmetic


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