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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

If we took the statistics of people who include oils in their skincare regimen and why, the results will create a startle. While some are staunchly team oil, others will rather lotions or any other alternative. Do oils matter after all? More so, in this beauty technique? Yay, definitely!

What are oils?

Oils are lubricants and unlike lotions which immediately sink into the skin, they tend to remain on the skin surface. This is not to say oils are of no use. Oils are essential for hydration, silkiness and more importantly, protection.

Oils are often times taken for moisturizers, and are thus applied alone. While this will not necessarily pose harm to the skin, it is more ideal to use oils alongside a moisturizer. The skin requires oil and water and while a moisturizer supplies the latter, oils help in sealing the moisture. Without oils, you might just keep applying a moisturizer without feeling hydrated.

Are there other benefits of using oils?

Asides protecting the skin barrier and helping to smoothen it, oils are highly beneficial in skincare as they;

Shrink large pores: Certain oils like Jojoba, or products containing it have the ability to pull out dirt and soot from the skin pores, making the pores look less noticeable. Not all oils do this, but for those that do, the result is exceptional. Simply ensure the formula or product you apply, has enough proof.

Reduce wrinkles: Really? Sure! Nothing causes wrinkles other than sun damage and dryness. When the skin is unprotected from Ultraviolet light, you can only expect more damage. Remember the protective function of oils? It is what helps in this case.

Fight off acne and rashes: Oils and their anti-inflammatory properties. They remain the best anyway, for irritable and acne driven skin types. With a product containing jojoba, argan or other anti-inflammatory ingredients, acne and rashes are nightmares.

So, in incorporating oils (body and facial) to your skincare routine, it is ideal to understand your skin type to aid your choice of product and method of application. Oils are no inferior beauty product and are all the way essential. You should include one in your routine, not after identifying which works for you anyway.

And just in case you're jittery about applying them to your skin, for fear of breakouts, switch to the night therapy. You'll only be amazed. Oils? More of them please. best natural skincare cosmetic

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