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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In a world where several people are obsessed about their skin, it is only normal for a lot of people to stock up on skin enhancement and repair products. It is best to know the advantage and side effects that some of these active ingredients in these products poses. One of the most common skin repair active ingredient will be Retinol.

A derivative of the naturally occurring vitamin A, retinol has become the main stay for those aiming to increase their collagen production and tighten their skin over the years. No doubt, it became the active ingredient in several beauty products; especially those aimed at promoting skin tightening. With no alternative except for overdosing on moisturizers, retinol has established itself as a stronghold in the world of skin care.

With all of the good that retinol can do, not everyone can use retinol due to certain characteristics that the product possesses. One of the very downsides to the usage of retinol is the fact that is abrasive with sensitive skin types. Aside from the fact that a concentration of retinol in the blood can easily turn one’s skin red by triggering inflammation in the skin cells, there are also other concerns.

Retinol can easily dry out the skin and can prove particularly harsh even on normal skin and this has been a chief source of concern to many over the years. Several alternatives have been in the works with a lot of these alternatives failing.

At long last, welcome Bakuchiol; a plant extract offering the same skin benefits as with retinol and can be used across a broad spectrum of skin types. Derived from the plant psoralea Corylifolia, the bakuchiol boasts of a healthy skin resume. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been proven and found to help the skin thrive. This has been found to be safe as against the inflammation-triggering retinol.

This is a very exciting news for those who are on the lookout for an alternative to retinol. It will also gladden the heart of those with sensitive and dry skin to find out that bakuchiol does not react with the skin in any way and Is safe to use for every skin type. Bakuchiol is not a new product, it first got mainstream in the 1970’s but it was not until recently that research discovered the amazing use it might have for the skin.

One of the awesome uses of bakuchiol is a very new formula of facial oil; blending the power of the active agent and several fruits, you can be sure that your skin will thank you for this treat of a lifetime. The best part is that it is all-natural and contains no artificial additives. With the range of oil, you can pick your choice amidst several options.

Today, the choice is yours; you can choose to stick with a Retinol that doesn’t work as effectively or switch over to a bakuchiol product like this amazing facial oil SOLEIL DU DÉSERT that will enhance your skin and also ensure that you are healthy. best natural skincare cosmetic

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