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Oud On My Face?... Introducing Our New OUD PLUMPING FACIAL OIL

Ever wondered the secret to full, plump, faces? We bet you're not ready for this new beauty coming your way. As much as we know that you're not done savoring the goodness of our trio facial oils, we find it more intriguing to serve you with even weightier units of richness and nourishment.

It's your face we're talking about here. Pretty much deserves all the care and nourishment it can get, because, of course, it's one of your signature pieces. Your facial appearance could seal a contract on a first meeting and even promise forever on the first date. Lol. The human face has a strong effect like that.

While there are lots of facial oils, out there, that offer either or all of hydration, firming, balance, and contain antibacterial properties to ward off acne, only few promise a plump result alongside its other nourishing features. Seeing that wrinkles and creases are almost unavoidable, especially in this age, it is only essential to make available a product that fills in for plumpness. Something that gives the face just the adequate lift and chubby shape.

Still wondering what it is?

Nothing other than Cuerpa's new Oud plumping facial oil (Jardín des anges). Has to be our favorite at the moment because honestly, this facial oil is all shades of precious. The ingredients tell it all. From Olive squalane to Early purple orchid, White lupin, Edelweiss, Agarwood and then Rose de mai, Goodness! It's a mix of scents and freshness, all down every bottle of Jardín des anges.

Let's start with the Agarwood (Oud) content of this oil. Y'all, if you know what Oud is and what it does, you'll be glad it found its way into a facial oil. Rich in antioxidants, Oud oil is highly effective for bacteria removal and spot reduction. It also contains moisturizing and anti-aging properties, and helps to improve the overall health of the skin. This it does by boosting skin collagen synthesis.

Maybe unknown to you, collagen is an essential protein that provides structure to the skin. It also plays the role of skin strengthening, hydration and elasticity. An improved production of collagen in the skin is one great step to anti-aging and plumpness, so you see the reason for Oud in this facial oil.

Then the scent! Gosh! More like a mix of exotic, warm, earthy, sweet and some mutters of musk. That's Oud, and should be yours.

Edelweiss is another rich natural ingredient contained in our plumping facial oil (Jardín des anges). Its rich vitamin C and antioxidant properties combine with Oud oil to help the skin remain wrinkle free, supple, and nourished and firm.

More like the best option for anyone bent on attaining ultimate skin recovery, because with a mix of Oud oil, Edelweiss and the beautiful pure rose that is Rose de mai, skin health and beauty just got better. You'd be missing out a great deal, if this facial oil isn't included in your skincare regimen. And no, it doesn't hinder you from using toners, mists and other facial oils or products earlier purchased from Cuerpa.

Did you just shove off, as a gent? No way! The ladies are not alone on this Cuerpa journey. What do you say? Come on! Get on board and see your face glow with our Oud plumping facial oil. It's the confidence, for us. Plump that face, Cu-er-pa!

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