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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Looking after your skin can be a process so overwhelming, you just want to give up. And with the "Oh! thanks to my skincare routine", you get from your girlfriends? Head's spinning. There are also lots of people with no idea at all about what a skincare routine is, its essence and how it should be done.

Let's just say everything basic you do to care for your skin is your skincare routine. Basic, not to mean simple- as skincare could seem difficult and almost confusing- but to mean that these efforts put to see your skin radiant, are fundamental and essential.

Depending on your personality- skincare savvy or a little inexperienced- certain things are important in undergoing your skincare routine. Is this a guide to all of that? Well, well, yes! C'mon!

Identifying your skin type.

Like wearing a piece of clothing outside your body figure is odd, a skincare routine with no knowledge of your skin type is no skincare at all. Except of course you're lucky, the results are always, almost unnoticeable.

There are 4 skin types in total; dry, oily, combination and normal. Individuals with dry skin types often experience dryness and flakiness in their skins. However, when your skin feels somewhat greasy and shiny, even without makeup, you have an oily skin type.

A combination of both conditions (dry and oily) defines a combination skin type. Usually, the T-zones of an individual with a combination skin type are oily, while the rest of the skin is dry. Peradventure you experience none of the above, your skin type is considered to be normal.

Asides, the dry, oily, combination and normal skin types, there is the condition of having a sensitive skin. Such persons (with a sensitive skin), are prone to allergies and irritations, and usually react to any slight change in product (or anything as such).

Having a sensitive skin is regardless of your skin type. You only need to be extra careful in selecting products for your skincare routine. It could be as intense as consulting a dermatologist.

Done! What products do I need in my routine?

If you will ignore any product in your routine, you shouldn't ignore the following; Cleansers, Moisturizers and Sunscreens. The three are just as important. With time, you'll need to include other products for enhancement. Some of these products indicate the skin type they suit, making it all easy.

The application

So, there is the option of splitting your routine into two sessions (morning and evening). Understanding that you might be bothered with preparing for work and all of that, it is only advisable that you limit your morning routine to drinking lots of water, cleansing and wearing a sunscreen. With that you can go the whole day, light-weight, while still preventing damage.

The evenings on the other hand, is believed to allow for intense skin treatment and repair. After all, there's no rush whatsoever. So, let's get in. The next evening you should;

Apply a cleanser: Whether or not you had makeup on during the day, it is only ideal you apply a cleanser to begin the evening routine. Cleansers help to take off dirt, oil and even bacteria. They also aid absorption of any other product you'll be using on the skin, since the already cleansed skin is void of dirt.

Not only should you use a cleanser at night, you can apply them in the mornings to leave your skin fresh and ready for a sunscreen.

Moisturize: The skin requires adequate supply of oil and water, many times as a replacement for lost quantities. A good moisturizer supplies both water and oil to the skin leaving it hydrated and smooth.

Individuals with oily skin type are still advised to moisturize, as not doing so could result in the skin producing more oil to compensate for lack of moisture. We know the result already... clogged pores. More acne too.

Wear sunscreens: Better used in the morning, sunscreens are protection factors. They shield the skin from ultraviolet light and damage. Usually, sunscreens are applied after the moisturizing process.

Other than buying a sunscreen, you can opt for products (like a moisturizer) containing sun protection factor (SPF). In as much as it is a broad spectrum SPF 30, you are well protected.

Simple, not so? You can however improve on your routine by including other ideal products, like a toner, a serum, facial oils etc. One thing is however germane- keep it simple! Its your skin remember, so save the surge! best natural skincare cosmetic

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