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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

If you're a huge fan of skincare and all of its tides, then you must have heard of the wonder that is, face mist. More still, if you're a Cuerpa lover, you can tell of the awesomeness of our hydrating face mist (Rose Cactus).

Face mists have evolved to be more than just that trivial facial product we used to know of. It is more like the go-to product for every facial treatment/nourishment you can think of. Hydration, moisturizing, soothing, balance, plumping, just about anything. That last one sure caused a spin. A plumping face mist? Well, yes! We're Cuerpa, remember?

Apparently, for the human face, hydration isn't enough. The face takes in pretty much anything, because unlike other parts of the body, it is always exposed. That's why as a brand, committed to intense customer satisfaction, we put together a mix of ingredients (of course, natural), and viola! It's a new hydrating formula, this time, with the added benefit of plumping. So, you guessed right, more like a relaunch!

What's with this new hydra plumping face mist, anyway?

Much more than you could imagine, dear. Sealed in this new- Floraison au Sahara Hydra-Plumping face mist, is a blend of prickly pear, hyaluronic acid, algae extract, rose de mai water (pure rose water) and more. As you know, prickly pear is one of those ingredients we hold in high esteem in Cuerpa. Classified under the cactus family, the fruit contains a rich amount of Vitamins E and K as well as fatty acids which are essential in skin hydration and softening.

It is only nourishing to combine such rich ingredient with hyaluronic acid which is highly functional in skin smoothening and plumping. We shouldn't hesitate to mention Rose de mai water- another nourishing content of this face mist. Rose is that plant that promises beauty, health, rejuvenation and hydration, all at once. It also reduces skin redness and inflammation. See why it is essential in any face or skin product?

The algae extract content of this mist is highly remarkable! Extracted from red and brown algae (also known as seaweed) is beneficial for skin healing. It moisturizes, soothes and generally improves skin complexion. Also, algae is a rich antioxidant and as such, serves to protect the skin from those free radicals that could result in premature aging.

In the end, you're not just getting yourself a hydrating, plumping face mist. Call it your pass to an anti-ageing formula, as well. How prudent!

For individuals with oily skin, who are usually scared of applying more oil to their already active pores and glands, this will do just fine. It's a mist, perfect option!

What better way to accentuate the cheek bones and overall facial appearance than to give it some spritz of our nourishing hydra plumping face mist? It is weightless yet highly refreshing. Enough said, you are only a click away from our Floraison au Sahara Hydra-Plumping Face Mist, place an order and seal the deal the Cuerpa way. We bet you'll love it! best natural skincare cosmetic

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