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Valentine's Day Beauty Gifts For Her

Holla lovebirds, winter is almost folding up and we're soon approaching that season of the year when love fills the air. It's valentine, again!

As much as many people get excited about the thought of valentine and the euphoria that comes with it, there is still a hassle that not everyone gets by, easily. Gift ideas! Ask any lover, it's always difficult to figure out what to buy on the next valentine.

Perhaps you're tired of shopping perfumes, chocolates and cards, and you feel like, "what more can I do this time?" Well there's more. Skincare!

Let's not even get started on all the juicy details of skincare. Skincare is so important yet highly under thought of. If you're looking to gift your loved one a thoughtful yet special gift, you should try these:

Facial Oil

Oils are about the best beauty products for hydration and protection hence making it a great pick for your loved one this valentine. Makes it even more beautiful selecting from Cuerpa because, it's a package of three.

There is Déesse De La Forêt Revitalizing Facial Oil for hydration, Terre Bleue Balancing Facial Oil for balance, and Soleil Du Desert Anti-Aging Facial Oil to improve skin elasticity. The amazing thing about this trio is that it costs lesser as a package than purchasing each one solely. So, why not?

Lip Tint

Although not as common as lip balms, lip tints are also very essential products in any skincare and beauty routine. Especially, if it's one that has the added advantage of hydration and plumping like cuerpa's newly launched hydra-plumping lip tint.

This is more like it for the ladies though, seeing that not many men love to see their lips tinted. If your loved one is team tint, then there you have it. Our package of four awesome colors to tint those lips, all year round.

Body Oil

Body oils are just as essential as facial oils and if your loved one happens to battle scars and dryness on their skin, you might just want to get them a bottle of our Venus Ultra-hydrating body oil. It contains natural oils such as almond, avocado and coconut oils and comes with a really nice exquisite scent anyone will love.

That's about it- the best valentine day gift ideas anyone could think of. To think that these skincare products are all natural and quite affordable. Well, Cuerpa is great like that.

Who says only the gents hit a jackpot on these ideas? No way! As a lady, you too can gift your man skincare products this valentine. Simply click here to view our collection of products. We're sure you'll find some that'll catch his fancy.

Make it special this valentine, spread love the cuerpa way!

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